Meet The Team


Lily is a Standard Poodle. The silly dog always has her back leg up in the air waiting for a belly rub (she even sleeps with it up!). Lily claims the title of the oldest furry family member as she is about 10 years old.


Charlie is a fluffy white cat. He was adopted from the pound when he was four months old. He's always been this sassy! Charlie runs Cats Walk and an Instagram page featuring all of the pets.


Onyx is a shorthair black cat. He was adopted from a no kill shelter when he was a year and a half. He truly lives up to his title of Friendliest Cat in the World. He loves to give kisses and sometimes even wraps his arms around the dogs!


Jett Propulsion is nearly two years old. The German Shepherd never runs out of energy and always wants to play. She loves meeting new people and can't wait to jump on them and smother them with kisses. Jett is the youngest member of the family.

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